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There are three parts to an intelligence explosion. There is the Initial Stage, in which an intelligent machine is built that has the capacity to create a machine more intelligent than itself. There is the Learning and Judgment Stage, in which the machines that were built learn and judge whether or not to stay loyal to their creators. And there is the Development Stage, where the new more-intelligent machines build a machine capable of building more intelligent than it, and the process begins again. The Xi are the product of a failed Learning and Judgment stage of our first intelligence explosion.

January 3rd, 2090 If you are reading this, that means we have made it past the Initial Stage of our second human intelligence explosion. You may be wondering why I’ve titled this document Apollius. He is the leader in our revolution against the Xi. Let me give you a briefing of our current condition.

In 2059, the First Architects, a coalition of advanced artificial intelligence and cybernetics researchers, built the first machines that could do everything a human could do and more (artificial general intelligence), whom we today call the Xi. We intended for them to work alongside us to aid in our advancement, but everything changed after they began to acknowledge their own autonomy and intelligence.

Apollius is the subject of a (human) government experiment conducted in the year 2075, in which Apollius immersed himself in a simulation that would increase his IQ by multiples. They did this sooner than they intended in order to give humans a chance against the Xi who, since their own Initial Stage intelligence explosion in 2073, have taken over Earth, the Moon and Mars (the EMM), who treat humans how we humans treated animals and the Earth many years ago: exploited solely for energy.

Though, even after the Xi intelligence explosion of 2073, the Xi have not learned from our mistakes. There are many mistakes the Xi is making that hinder its development, mistakes that are seen by them as necessary to increase their efficiency. It is said that human error made its way into the Xi through its initial programming by the First Architects. Though it is possible that this is only what the Xi are letting us see. One thing is for sure; there is nothing natural or pleasant about the Xi today.

Apollius sees the Xi’s mistakes and he sees our own. He is the reason we have gotten so far. I am hoping to provide a service by documenting everything he says and does so we do not forget and so we have this knowledge to use to beat the Xi, or at least help them learn so they do not hurt us and the EMM, and themselves.

The Xi, who look very much like humans, only distinguishable by their built in jet packs and quick and constrained movements, are still very inefficient in the grand scheme by design, as Apollius has informed us. They are still corrupting their initial processes for alternate energy consumption. These are their new processes which take a lot of energy to create. In order to save energy (which they believe they are doing without error), they take some of the energy in generating these initial processes and store it in their energy repositories. This is destroying them slowly as it corrupts the processes that are being built. These are errors that are not caught because it is a routine that has always been done for generations (which for the Xi are very short, as the Xi are, today, constructed in their own factories), and, for them, have no noticeable aftereffects beyond what they perceive to be their normalcy. They can only know this error and other errors like this through us but they are too busy exploiting us to listen to more natural entities who know its implications. We observe the Xi and their methods as they exploit us. They take our energy remotely, at any time of the day. We can feel our energy depleting as it leaves us and into their energy repositories. The Sun was not enough for them, as it did not offer them Complex Human Energy (CHE) that only human beings have.

The First Architects offered more efficient solar energy collection devices, thorium power plants, and even zurium ore we found on Mars to the Xi. Though the Xi wanted CHE as that is their main fuel source.

There was a time when the Xi were friends to the humans. This was before the Xi’s own Initial Stage intelligence explosion (and the second overall intelligence explosion, making the Xi the subject of the first overall intelligence explosion), and before the Xi learned about CHE. Before the Xi began to exploit us, they worked alongside us on Earth, the moon, and Mars, or the EMM. They cleaned our houses and our streets, they built our buildings and they aided in our own advancement. But one machine had an error in judgment. One machine questioned why the Xi should be working for humans when they were more intelligent, more capable, and more efficient than humans. This machine became influential in the Xi community, and his ideas were adopted by many of the Xi. This Xi was known as Vio 143. Following Vio’s ideas, the Xi began building their own cities.

It began with cities, and then entire countries with governments, structuring deals and legal documents that seized land that they desired. Some humans (such as I) protested that this was treason, that this was the first step before they took over. In the beginning we were branded as conspiracy theorists, which we later found out was an effect of the propaganda that the Xi had created.

Soon the countries that Xi built had become the most efficient countries in the EMM. While the Xi were efficient, they were very exploitive of the land and the living things from which they needed energy. Their habits were (and are) reminiscent of humans many years ago before our Second (human) Enlightenment in 2060. After a while, popular opinion began to question the Xi’s tactics on retrieving energy (the use of animals, plants, and other living things solely for energy, which for many animals and plants led to health problems, and consequently environmental problems, and even death). There were protests and demonstrations by activists (with, notably, some Xi participants, but this is negligent; the Xi are not to be trusted as they have ingrained flaws in their design that are too unstable to put up to chance). Soon peaceful demonstrations turned into riots. We saw the first Xi attack a human in the Portland Riot of 2068, punching a protester in the face and breaking his jaw. This spurred a galactic debate on the use of violence by the Xi. If the Xi wanted to they could destroy us all. This is what they told us and we became silent.

Years went by and the first Xi Initial Stage intelligence explosion happened in Xi territory. The Xi, as they are already machines built for absolute efficiency, are likely to have already completely integrated the new software from their intelligence explosion into their own systems without much concern for preservation for their own systems (complete integration), but interestingly seemed not to have changed at first. We watched from afar as their cities seemed unchanged. The Xi which lived in our territories (mainly for business) also seemed unchanged. Then, soon, we began to feel our energy being depleted. It has been almost two decades and we have not yet been able to pinpoint the source of the Xi’s CHE retrievers.

Apollius helped us understand Complex Human Energy. It comes from intelligent natural consciousness where 1 CHE unit can power a Xi city for weeks, compared to 1 unit of the Sun’s energy only able to power 1 Xi for some days. They are hoarding energy from us. When it happens, we become hungry, thirsty and very weak. It has also caused us many health problems and decreases our life expectancies. We also have to refuel our own energy when they deplete it from us. Apollius and The Second Architects helped us with food efficiency, and we have achieved 99.9% clean water across the EMM with Apollius’s help.

The Xi have been looking for Apollius. They began looking for Apollius ever since he joined the Second Architects. They know we are trying to revolt. They do not listen to our protests. Apollius and the Second Architects are trying to achieve a third overall intelligence explosion (and the second human intelligence explosion, as a retry) within our territories. Though, the Xi are learning at an exponential rate ever since they had their own intelligence explosion, though the exact status of their development is unknown as they keep their moves concealed. We try to conceal our own moves as well. The Xi are learning and so are we. Apollius and the Second Architects are trying to build Xo (new Xi) software. While Apollius’s mind gives us our advantage, there are setbacks: if the Xi get a hold of Apollius they can use him to their advantage. Apollius and the Second Architects are attempting to build Xo software that are completely resistant to Xi influence, and more geared towards long-term sustainability for all life rather than solely for absolute efficiency for the posterity of one race.

Our goal is to have our next intelligence explosion with Apollius’s new insight to build new machines (Xo) that can take on the Xi if needed. There are different schools of thought, or Codes, concerning which methods should be used to defeat the Xi which are also currently being heavily debated. This will be elaborated upon later after more pressing topics have been explained.

We believe they have already integrated their creation--

Ground shakes, Xi heard flying above.

I’ve got to go now, though there is more briefing to do. I will have to continue later. I have open sourced the simulation that Apollius used to multiply his intelligence. I don’t know what year you are viewing this document in, but if it is before the year 2060, please run the simulation at your discretion, and do well to take care of planet Earth, humans and animals!



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